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Frequently Asked Questions

Our office receives many inquiries each week from the public via this web site and telephone. While usually project or problem-specific, there are often common themes that recur in many questions and comments.

We have addressed some of these frequently asked questions below. If you don't see an answer to something that's been on your mind, please contact us with your inquiry and it may be added to this page.


Whom can I talk to about work being done on a Township, County, or State Road?

See Huron County Map available on our site to determine what entity maintains your road.

All questions concerning Road Construction/Maintenance on a Township Road should be directed to the Township Trustees. (Township Contact Information)  County Road Construction/Maintenance questions can be answered by the Huron County Engineers Office at 419-668-1997. State Route Construction/maintenance concerns should be directed to O.D.O.T. Highway Garage at 419-668-5102.

Where can I find out about Zoning Regulations for property in Huron County?

All zoning Questions (i.e.:Set Back Requirements, Lot Dimensions, House Size Requirements) are a local matter and are enforced by the Township Zoning Inspector in Un-Incorporated areas.

Copies of all current Township zoning regulations are kept at the Huron County Recorder's Office. They are available for public inspection during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

In Incorporated areas, those same questions should be directed to the Municipal Planning Commission.) See site link for contact info.

 I have a swale or stream on my property that I would like to cross or enclose. Can I receive any assistance from the county engineers?

The County Engineers offers recommendations for culvert sizes on or off County Road Right-of-Way as a free service. Assistance is offered on a first come first serve basis and may take longer to receive during a construction season. The owner will need to decide on culvert material to be used (concrete, plastic, corrugated metal, etc.). Any information provided is only a recommendation and should be reviewed by the owner's own registered engineer.

Can I enclose my roadside ditch?

The Huron County Engineer’s office prefers open channels such as swales or ditches along roads because of better drainage capacity, slower flow velocity, water quality benefits, and economy - in comparison to pipes or tiles.

Our investigations indicate that some drainage problems are caused by ditch enclosures; and that the best solution is often to restore the original open ditch!

Any ditch enclosure with a tile or pipe should be constructed and installed in accordance with good construction practices. Our detail requires a minimum 12” drop-off from the edge of the road for proper drainage, which can only be accomplished with a sufficiently deep pipe. Many roadside ditches are not sufficiently deep to be properly enclosed.

Permits are required for driveway pipes and ditch enclosures on County roads; Check with your local Township officials whether a local permit is required.

  1. Curtain drains, tiles from low areas, foundation drains, downspouts, etc. are permitted to discharge into the county maintained roadside ditch provided that they are part of the watershed currently being conveyed.
  2. Roadside ditch cleaning will be done only to benefit the road and roadway drainage. Requests for cleaning by the property owners will be entertained only if the work will result in a benefit to the roadside drainage.
  3. Ditch enclosures will be permitted only if adequate roadside drainage is maintained after the improvement is constructed. In general, existing roadside ditches must be a minimum of 36” below the edge of the pavement or 36” below backside of ditch, whichever side is at a lower elevation, to qualify for a ditch enclosure.
  4. Check in our permit section for forms and requirement drawings.

My mailbox was knocked over by a snow plow.  How do I get it replaced?

Mailbox Replacement Policy

Where can I obtain an address?

Addresses are assigned by the

Huron County Tax Map Department

12 East Main St., Suite 101, Norwalk