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County Map Request Form

If you have mailbox damage or would like to request a county map fill out the form below. 

The County Engineer, along with the County Commissioners and Auditor, provides Huron County maps FREE!  You just have to tell us where to send it.  Please fill out and submit the form to the left.  If you have problems sending this form, you can email the request directly to: social@huroncountyengineer.org. Be sure to include your name, address and zip code and indicate that you would like a free county map.

Mailbox Policy

Mailbox Policy

Mailbox Replacement Policy

The Huron County Engineer’s Office has approximately 226 lane miles of roadway to clear of ice and snow during any given storm.  This is done on a normal basis with eight trucks and very skilled drivers. This mileage does not include the travel distance to start each route. Depending on visibility and road conditions the average time for each driver to complete each round is four hours.

The mailboxes along these county roads are of importance to us and we do not try to destroy them on purpose.  However, due to weather conditions, some do get damaged. Factors that may lead to box damage may include, the amount of snow on the road, the wetness of the snow, and the distance of the mailbox from the road.

Stop for a second to ponder this thought… One snowball the size of a regular mailbox may weigh six pounds. Now imagine that six-pound snowball traveling through the air and hitting your mailbox. Many times it is the snow, not the plow, that does the damage to the mailbox.

The Huron County Engineer’s Office will replace the mailbox if the following conditions were met:

  1. The mailbox was damaged due to a snow plow hitting the mailbox.
  2. The request is called in or emailed the following regular business day after the mailbox was damaged.
  3. Only the property owner or caretaker of the property may report the damage.

The Huron County Engineer’s Office will replace the mailbox with one standard metal mailbox.

Here are a few tips to help to ensure that your mailbox will weather out the winter storms:

  1. Keep the mailbox as far from the white line as practical
  2. Snow removed from your driveway should not be placed on the roadway
  3. Mailbox posts must be break away and cannot be mounted on anything larger than a 4×4 wooden post.
  4. Place a deflector on an independent post in front of your mailbox. 
  5. If placing a deflector or new post please have the utility lines identified and marked prior to performing the work by calling the Ohio Utility Protection Service (OUPS) at 1.800.362.2764

 Please feel free to email any questions regarding this policy to social@huroncountyengineer.org






Huron County Engineer’s Office is required to have a W-9 on file for all vendors before we can remit payment to that individual or company. You may download a W-9 form by clicking the link below.


IRS W-9 Form